"Pink Ribbons..." is a complete 3-DVD Set, which includes:

DVD1: Armed with only a camcorder, his personal computer, and an unyielding resolve - this documentary was a labor of love more than 2 years in the making.

DVD2: Interviews with eight (8) breast cancer survivors who share the wealth of their experience. The wisdom of their words provides the viewer with a fount of knowledge, guidance, empathy and hope.

DVD3: Interviews with four (4) medical professionals experienced in the care of breast cancer patients... including a Radiation Oncologist, Clinical Psychologist, Nutritionist and Nurse Liaison Educator. A “must watch” for everyone!

Filmmaker Franke Niklas Lauria chronicles the events which took place prior to and during his team’s participation in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. Packed with interviews from Cancer Survivors & Medical Experts - including appearances by local celebrities, athletes and musical artists - this is a film filled with hope, information and inspiration for everyone.

Made specifically for the home viewer, the set includes the above mentioned interviews in their full, uncut versions – providing several hours of valuable insight and perspective for anyone battling breast cancer. It will also serve to help friends & family in dealing with their own connection to this disease.

Born from the producer’s desire to give clarity, information and hope; it too should be seen as a “wake up call” to the medical community. While it’s clear that much is being done and progress is being made in the fight to end breast cancer, there remain some very serious flaws in the health care system. This film helps bring those flaws to light.

"This is the film the doctor should have given my sister before she left his office that fateful day. So I made this film for my sister… and for all our sisters… that they would always remember, 'You are not alone'.”
(Franke Niklas Lauria)

100% of Net Proceeds Benefit Cancer Charities