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Other interested parties should
contact the producer.

(Present): This DVD Set is Now Available at this website
                & at (Movies & TV: Pink Ribbons)

Mar-Aug): Production Complete / Film Festival Submission
                 Master DVD Authoring All 3 DVDs Begins

Interview Suzanne Penny
            (Survivor & owner of "A Pink Ribbon")

Interview @ UCSD Moores Cancer Clinic

Interview @ Scripps XiMed Polster
            Breast Care Center

Interview w/Barbara Jo Kirshbaum

Komen 3-Day (60 miles) Walk for a Cure

Last Training Walk (5 miles) before 3Day Event

Komen 5K Race for a Cure
          + 10 mile Training Walk (Downtown)

"Bands for Boobs" Fundraiser Concert

10 mile Training Walk (Balboa / North Park)

Interview w/Young Survival Coalition (San Diego)

Interview w/Survivor Audrey O'Neil

American Cancer Society
           "Making Strides" 5k Run/Walk

8 Mile Mini-Training Beach Walk

Interview w/ Survivors Tricia DePinto
            & Roseanne Hoffman

First Meeting w/ Scripps Breast Care Center
            Young Survivors Coalition

Interview w/ Survivor Robin Tweed

10 Mile La Jolla Beach / BirdRock Training Walk

Team Leaders Meet to Discuss Original Sole Sisters
           Team Logo Design

17 Mile Oceanside Amtrak Training Walk

10 Mile Crystal Pier Training Walk

Original Sole Sisters "Shots Night & Panhandling"

Team Walkin 4 A Cure Operatic Benefit Concert

Harbor Drive Training Walk

Shimmy for a Cure Belly Dance Fundraiser

Film Soundtrack Scouting
          Artists a/t SD Music Awards Fundraiser

Komen 3Day Expo

DeAnza Cove Training Walk

Original Sole Sisters Garage Sale Fundraiser

Created Website

Original Sole Sisters Training Walk (8 miles)
           + Event Planning

Attended Pink Panthers Team Poolside Fundraiser

"Making Strides" Kickoff Breakfast with American
           Cancer Society

My first Training Walk w/Original Sole Sisters
           (10 miles)

Beer for Boobs Fundraising @ Hennessy's ...
         (Padres: Ben Johnson, Rob Bowen, Josh Barfield)

Original Sole Sisters Team Kick-Off Dinner

San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day Kick-Off Event

First Original Sole Sisters Team Meeting @ Wendy’s